2024 Seniors Registration Information

NBFC offers good value for money registration fees. We can do this because we have a hard-working group of volunteers- groundsmen, cleaners, facilities operations, coaches, managers and sports trainers- who put in a huge amount of volunteer time which in turn saves enormous amounts of money for our club.

We are also fortunate to have a core group of sponsors who assist us greatly with our bottom line and thus subsidise to some extent the cost of registration.

As we enter into our tenth year as a re-birthed Football Queensland club, we remain committed to providing quality football services to our players at reasonable rates.

However, our volunteer base is not limitless. To reduce volunteer burnout, some of our operations have been out-sourced at a cost to the organisation, either in terms of additional fixed overheads or a reduction in operational revenue.

Our fees for 2024 have been set with these factors in mind.

2024 Senior Registration Fees

  • Senior Mens and Womens (FQPL and Metro Community Leagues) - Total Cost $630 (includes club polo, shorts and socks)
  • An Early Bird discount of $30 applies if full payment is made by 16 February
  • A loyalty discount of $50 is available for players who have been with the club for five years or more
  • Full time tertiary students also qualify for a discount of $50 off their fees
  • Over 35s Men - Total Cost $500 (includes club polo, shorts and socks)

This covers:

  • Membership of North Brisbane FC Inc.
  • All FA and Football Queensland governing body fees ($164 for senior men and women)
  • Access to the FA Insurance Scheme
  • Referee’s fees for all fixtures/finals and cup games
  • Supply of playing strip. You also get one pair of shorts and socks to keep.
  • Club polo for you to keep or second-hand playing strip as a training shirt
  • Access once a fortnight to a qualified Physiotherapist to assess any injury and access to their clinic if follow-up treatment is required
  • Sports Trainer coverage on match day to assist with strapping, massage, injury management etc. (FQPL teams only)
  • Post-match meal at home games (FQPL teams only)
  • Access to training facilities and all associated equipment twice a week for the duration of the season (once a week for Metro Division teams)
  • Access to highly competent coaches and their assistants for the duration of the season
  • Access to the community assets of the club (clubhouse, canteen, dressing rooms, other non-playing facilities)
  • Access to all the administrative services associated with being a member of a FQ community club

How to Register and Pay

All registrations and payments are to be done online via Squadi. Do not register via Playfootball and do not pay offline to the club account.

Just remember that the club is North Brisbane FC and that you do not need to enter your FFA ID.

Please ensure that you register under the correct Competition Package. Metro Community Seniors men and women- please register under that category. The same applies to players who have been offered positions in the Men’s and Women’s FQPL programs.

You can pay in Squadi either via debit/credit card or via a bank transfer so please have that info ready when you register.

We encourage our members to pay their fees in full and by 16 February to take advantage of the $30 Early Bird discount.

However, for those with financial difficulties, Squadi offers an instalment plan as follows: the amount of the governing body fee ($164 for senior players) at the time of registration and then 5 equal payments of $93.20, payable on the 14th day of February, March, April, May and June (assuming no discounts otherwise applies)

If you register after 14 February but before 14 March, the first instalment of $93.20 will be added to the second instalment so that you will always pay your final instalment on the 14th day of June.

Note there are no other instalment/payment plans available.

Players in the Over 35s Competition please note, you do not register via Squadi. Your team manager will pass on club bank account details for payment of your fee


To give effect to our discounts for Early Bird payment, Full-time students and 5-year Loyalty, you will need to insert a Discount Code into Squadi. When you register Squadi will ask you to enter any Discount Code applicable.

For the Early Bird Discount, the code is Early Bird (applicable for payments in full made on or before 16 February)

For the Full-time Tertiary student, the code is Full-time Tertiary Student

For the 5-Year Loyalty, the code is Loyalty.

Remember: All registrations and payments to be made online via Squadi. Do not use Playfootball or pay offline to the club (other than players in the Over 35s team)

Any questions regarding registration fees and amounts please contact treasurer@northbrisbanefc.com.au.

There are two components of the registration fee. The governing body fee and a club fee for the balance.

North Brisbane FC, like other Football Queensland clubs, does not generally provide refunds to players for their club fee ($466 for the 2024 year, subject to any applicable discounts) unless they request de-registration prior to playing a fixture match. In these cases, a refund of the club component of the fee will be given, less a $50 administration fee and a pre-season training/playing fee of $50 per month. If merchandise (polo, shorts and socks) has already been provided the player is required to return that merchandise or have a further $50 deducted to cover that cost.

The other component of a player’s registration fee is the governing body fee. For the 2024 year, that amount is $164 for Seniors. Note that refund of this component of the registration fee is done pursuant to the Football Queensland Refund Policy, i.e. we as a club do not have any control over that. The Refund Policy for this component of the fee can be found on the Football Queensland website.

While players may request a refund in exceptional circumstances, the policy essentially provides that once a player has participated in any form of pre-season training and/or games, they are not entitled to a refund of the governing body fees.


Where a player is allowed to pay in instalments, the full amount of the registration fee is owing, even if a player decides they do not wish to play anymore. For any refund enquiries please contact the treasurer via email treasurer@northbrisbanefc.com.au.

Volunteering and Player Expectations As a smaller club, we do not mandate volunteer levies or rosters. However, like other clubs, we are always in need of volunteers to cover a range of duties such as team managers, coaches, grounds, match day officials, working bees, fundraisers etc.

The committee puts in a huge amount of volunteer work around the club but they can’t and shouldn’t always be the ones to do it all, especially with the number of players at the club in 2024. So please offer your services to help out with even the most basic of tasks on game day.

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